Studio: Dress Code
Director: Ceci Fletcher
*Initial Editorial Design: Ceci Fletcher /​​​​​​​
First designs and explorations in vertical grid 
Exploration of editorial-style layout system in vertical format
Additional image with TikTok UI  ​​​​​​​
Proposal for the commercial "Hands-Free"
Additional image with TikTok UI
Proposal for the commercial "Lighten UP",
"Alter your mood" and "RefreshedJourney
Additional image with TikTok UI
Some of these design proposals show how landscapes and certain colors can help to positively alter the mood of the Driver of the car. The technology of Lincoln cars also allows for isolating external noises that occur on roads.
Proposal for the commercial "Lighten UP"
Minimalist and basic shapes
I made some proposals to reinforce some concepts
and add typography in the proposals. Here we can
 see some tests
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